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Are you wondering if your job is a good fit? Are you dealing with a colleague, supervisor or manager from hell? Are you wondering if a co-worker or supervisor’s behaviour borders on bullying or harassment? Do you need clarity on your options or next step? I am a seasoned vocational consultant who can provide clarity, support and resources  for your decision making process.

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Career development and/or changing careers entirely or train for a new career is not a quick or easy process and decision making can be confusing and overwhelming. Options include using your transferrable skills to move to a similar position; taking a course or certificate to advance in your present job or to move to a new employer; and developing another career altogether. I will review your resume, use background material and research your options. I can offer you information  and provide clarity that will help with making  informed decisions about your future. The process could involve testing for interests, work personality, intellectual ability and aptitudes. The process usually takes from one to three sessions or longer if you decide on coaching options.

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My services include Medical legal vocational assessments for car accident injuries and civil claims; vocational assessments for insurance companies and long term disability plans.  I also offer testing for individuals making career changes. My experience includes familiarity with a wide range of tests however, I tend to assess for interests, cognitive ability, aptitudes, personality, and academic potential.

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Dr. Denise E. Hall
(Psy.D.) CCC RRP Occupational Health Specialist and Vocational Consultant

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