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Raven Work Health & Vocational Consulting Services

My services include performing vocational medical-legal assessments for a number of legal firms and organizations. My background includes a Psy.D. including doctorate level courses in assessments. I am a vocational consultant and occupational health specialist with 25 plus years of experience in the field and I am certified by the Supreme Court of BC as a subject expert. Depending on your needs, I perform assessments and consult with both defence and plaintiff files and review vocational assessments for rebuttal purposes.
My services include Vocational and Psycho/vocational assessments. I have experience with a wide range of tests however, I tend to assess for interests, cognitive ability, aptitudes, personality, and academic potential. I also have experience with psycho/vocational testing instruments including the NEO and the WAIS-IV. I will consult with you regarding your needs and we can decide on the appropriate testing for your unique situation.

I offer my 25 plus years of experience with injured workers and their employers to provide an individually designed plan. Services include case management, mental health treatment, employability assessments, vocational assessments, adjudicating entitlement, liaising with other health care professionals and employers, and developing training programs and return to work plans. Depending on your unique situation, I could assist with Employability or Vocational Assessments, Case Management, Training and Return to Work plans.

My services include counselling, coaching and individual psychotherapy for clarifying, managing and/or resolving workplace concerns. Issues at work are sometimes difficult to resolve whether they are issues with a supervisor or colleague or deciding to apply for a particular position or leave your current employer. Also, if bullying and sexual harassment are part of the challenges in your workplace, we can sort out the situation and develop effective strategies to deal with the harassment.
Developing your career or using your transferable skills to change careers or train for a new career is not a quick or easy process and it can be confusing and overwhelming. I bring my past 30 years of work, career experience, education, and training to help your transition from the unknown to the known bringing clarity in your decision making. I review your unique situation and develop a career plan based on your strengths and experience. The process includes assessment (formal and/or informal), and can include resume consultation, interview coaching, career counselling and career coaching.

There are limited bookings available. Contact Dr. Denise today to book your medical legal or vocational assessment or for vocational counselling or career development at 604-562-9130.